Day 27: Bike Trails and Loving Iowa!!

Atlantic, Iowa to Des Moines, Iowa. 90 miles. Around 2,000 feet of climbing.

After an exhausting day in the heat yesterday, we had our minds set on waking up as early as possible to get going on the road. One of my professors from APU, Dr. Schrum, who is from Iowa, sent us a map of all the rideable roads in Iowa. So, today we looked forward to taking a bike path into Des Moines after about 50 miles of riding!

Let me tell you, that bike path was amazing!! After riding on highways for the last 1,000 miles, having a shaded, quiet bike path to ride on filled with other enthusiastic cyclists was quite a feeling. The whole team was so excited and was dancing on our bikes as we reached our path. This was fun because lately, I think we had all quite different understandings of what enjoying the moment means on the bike. For me, that often means pushing my body as hard as I can, to test my strength, and see how hard I can go when no one else is looking. For others, that means hanging back and thinking, and others it means cruising and having good conversations. But today, when you can tangibly feel everybody enjoying the moment together, even with something so small as finding a bike path, it really reminded me how lucky I am to be working with this team. In the end, I couldn’t do it without these girls.


When we got to Des Moines, which is beautiful!!!, we went and got coffee from a cute place called Ritual Cafe and got free massages donated by Katie’s grandma!! We are so spoiled. Then, of course, we had to get milkshakes 🙂

looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

Also, side note, my computer completely crashed and is in a box on its way back to Livermore. So, I will be writing these blogs from my phone which is just not the most fun task.


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