Day 29: reminding ourselves to have fun!

Des Moines, Iowa to Marshalltown, Iowa. 60 miles. 100 feet of climbing.

After an amazing rest day with the team after 8 days and 700 miles with no break, we were rejuvenated and ready to get going! Here are some pics from the rest day.


It was fun and necessary for our spirits to enjoy each other’s company outside of riding. We got to get dressed up and have fun, and I think that set the tone for today’s ride.

We started today with the intention of pushing about 15 miles past Marshalltown in order to cut more miles later this week. But, as the day went on, this did not happen. We anticipated another bike path, but to our disappointment we only found gravel for quite a ways. We spent a good amount of time rerouting. We did eventually find a bike path leading us into Marshalltown, and when we got there our host dad, who is my professors uncle, met us!! The resemblance between the two is insane.

He planned to meet us to tell us the best route to go for our last 15 miles, but by the end he convinced us to go to the local water park, and we couldn’t say no!! While riding to the park, we met a guy named Tom, who has rode his bike across Iowa with RAGBRAI 31 times!! So amazing. He took us to the water park where we then met the previous mayor of Marshalltown, and then they both paid for us to get into the park!! We are so spoiled. But what I’m also learning on this trip is to say yes. I’m learning to accept gifts humbly. I was able to talk about this with Larry, our host dad. He says that is an amazing trait to learn when you can learn to accept a gift without  feeling some sort of indebtedness. And he is right.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

He then went and paid for our bike parts and tune ups… Oh Larry.

His family is amazing, and his daughter is also a cyclist and on the board for making bike trails in Iowa!! So cool.

They not only spoiled us with the trip to Black Tire Bike Shop, but also had a full on BBQ for us!

Thank you Professor Schrum for setting this up!!

Lastly, I learned how liberating is to ride a bike in a dress… 🙂

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Cant wait for tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Day 29: reminding ourselves to have fun!

  1. Daddadsumsum

    I am so happy to see all of you enjoying yourselves and having fun. All of your hard work deserves a little fun in exchange.
    Treasure the experience and savor the moments.


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