Day 30: We’re Famous!!

Marshalltown, Iowa to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 81.2 miles. 1900 feet of climbing.

Today we woke up and we’re excited to find out that Liz, Larry and Barb’s daughter, was going to take a half day at work and join us for our first 20 miles. So cool!

As we were about to head out from their beautiful home, Larry got a phone call from Jim, one of the men we met yesterday! He said to tell the girls to come down to the Times-Republican, the local newspaper, as they want to a story on us! So we headed down and were interviewed. So cool! The man interviewing us has been involved in water projects as well.


So, after the interview we headed out. Once Liz left us and we said bye to Larry once again, we were on our own. It was another day full of rerouting and unpaved shoulders.

We did, however, finally make it to a Starbucks, and that will always get the teams morale up.

Once we finished we headed over to our hosts in Iowa City, Tom and Sue Hill! They honestly have one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. It looked like something straight out of a magazine. I got my own room!!


Sue made us an amazing dinner and I was able to try a Mocha Stout, but it was not my favorite. Tom is an an avid cyclist and is about to participate in RAGBRAI this year. I could tell he wanted to join us for the rest of the ride, and he was more than welcome to!

Later in the evening their son Ryan and his wife Mary Kay came over, both dentists in Iowa City. Ryan was so kind as he plotted our whole route for the next day!! It was nice to not have to worry about it.

I fell asleep to lightning and fireflies outside my window.


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