Day 38: home, at least for a moment.

Well you know how I said that I would make up those blogs that I missed? Well I probably won’t… LOL. It’s been a hectic week, filled with physical and emotional exhaustion, and blogging was the last thing on my mind. But I’m ready to share a few stories.

New Carlisle, Indiana to Brushy Prairie, Indiana. 82 miles. 346 feet of climbing (I just made up that number but it sounds right)

Today was one of the best days in a while. After our ride, we made a trip down to Warsaw, Indiana in order to visit a company called Mud Love. Mud Love is a company that makes jewelry and mugs in order to support water projects. They invited us down when they heard about our cause, and were so welcoming. They gave us a tour and showed us how all their products are made. They throw each ceramic mug and handmade every bracelet.

I decided to buy a mug for my parents and sent it home, and as I was shipping it one of the employees, Liz, asked me which mug I wanted, for FREE! So so sweet.

Later on, Liz sent me a message on Instagram and was super encouraging. She reminded me how important this ride is, and it was cool how we are able to have meaningful conversations with perfect strangers.

After Mud Love we headed to our host family which we were so lucky to get. Emily, our communications coordinator, called over 60 places, and no one responsed. So, she called a church and Greg, someone affiliated with the church, so generously sent out a mass text to people he thought might host. We got the cutest family ever!!

The Porters, Josh and Erin, have three kids Isaac, Elise, and Katelyn.

Favorite moments with them:

how social the kids were and how hard they tried to remember our names.

The insane lightening storm and tornado warnings (the tornado touched down 8 miles from us!)

Asking Katelyn and Elise, jokingly, what their majors are and one saying Soccer and one saying “Well I’m part animal!” Haha

Watching  Josh and Erin crack up at us as we try to catch fireflies. But more importantly, seeing how much laughter their relationship fostered. Everytime they started laughing they would look at each other and their eye contact would trigger more laughter. It was really a special relationship to witness, and it reminded me to keep fostering joy and laughter in my life. I also loved seeing how they share the same passions and hobbies.

After the kids went to bed, they asked us to go on a walk with them. As we were leaving, I saw Elise standing in the doorway. I said “looks like we have a spectator.” Josh and Erin look at each other and then say “okayyy, you can come out!” Elise runs out and starts catching fireflies with all the other girls. As she is running around I say to Josh “she is so cute.” He nods and as he is walking away I hear him say under his breath “I am so lucky.”

Wow. I am so lucky to briefly take part in other people’s stories. I am learning so much about thankfulness and love. Being with their family reminded me of how good my family is and I felt at home for night, if even for a moment.


One thought on “Day 38: home, at least for a moment.

  1. Jennie

    Jac I just want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and all the wonderful stories you’ve shared. This is such a life changing experience and you are truly inspiring to so many people. You are making a difference and don’t ever forget that. Looking forward to the rest of your stories and be safe out there. Jennie


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