Day 40 And 41: 5 Flats and NFL Players and Evening Rides!

Day 40: Perrysburg, Ohio to Collins, Ohio

69 miles (lol yes we did that on purpose) and 429 feet of climbing.

5 flats in 12 miles. It was a rough day. We intended to do a century today, but with spirits down we cut our miles and planned to add more on in the next few days.

We knew our night would be fun as we planned to head up to Cleveland for the night. A friend of ours who went to APU recently got picked up by the Cleveland Browns.

Before we got there we headed to Chipotle for dinner. As we walked out of the van a group of women said they were so excited to see a group of women cyclists! They said they had heard about charity:water and were so happy for us! They gave $50 to our campaign and we got their phone numbers as Adrienne, one of the girls, wanted to come party with us!

When we got to Cleveland, we found out we were staying in one of the nicest apartment complexes in the city. We met up with the guys and our friend, and we went out to a bar and played corn hole! Kim and I have an ongoing battle with Emilio and Aaron, two of the guys, of playing different games and loser has to but the next round. Let’s just say, Kim and I have earned a lot of free drinks!

As I was talking to our host, he openly admitted that he may have used use some of my notes in class without me knowing. So of course, I manipulated him into agreeing to paying for the rest of my drinks for my entire life when we are together! We shook on it! Haha 🙂

After a long night of bar hopping and exploring Cleveland, I decided that it was one of my favorite cities so far. We partied until 3 am, and I found that I like piano bars! Cool!

Day 41: Collins to Hartville, Ohio. 72 miles.1850 feet of climbing.

Katie, Sophia, and I got up early this morning and walked through downtown Cleveland to get coffee. After a crazy night in a city that is still high off their NBA Championship, the morning was so quiet and peaceful.

When we got back our host so kindly cooked us a big breakfast! He then set us up wth a tour of the Cleveland Browns stadium! We got to run out of the tunnel and see the locker room, and it was such a cool experience. (Pics to come!)

After the tour, we said bye to our host and went on our way. We didn’t start riding until about 2:30, so we were booking it. We made it about 72 miles before the sunset, which was beautiful! We also found some amazing bike trails!


As we pulled up to a Mexican restraint to get dinner before heading to a church that was hosting us, I made a joke saying “Do You guys want this or Taco Bell?!” All of a sudden this lady was like “oh my gosh that’s not even a question you have to eat here!” She was so kind and asked us about our ride. She immediately have is $20 for our campaign and told us her name is Kay.

Stoked, we went inside the restaraunt to order food to go. As we went to pay, the man said “I’m sorry, you can’t pay. Kay called and has already pod for all your food!!” That was crazy. People are so generous.

It seems everyday we meet people like that who give so generously. We have met people who are so open to talking to strangers and hearing others stories. It makes me want to be more open and receptive when I return. I want to be able to just give $20 without thinking when I meet someone who I believe in. Being on the receiving end, it feels good to know that people are meeting us and want to support us. Again, this is an example of how this trip is growing me in more ways than I thought.

Finally, we have made it to $45,000 in our campaign, with a goal of $80,000! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far! And if you want to learn more, check out!!


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