Day 45: Climb climb climb

Day 45: Rockwood, PA to Burnt Cabins, PA. 93.4 miles. 5,939 Feet of Elevation.

Well, we knew today we would have the most climbing of any day of this trip. However, I totally got us lost (and I’m admitting to it!) and probably added an additional 1500 feet of climbing… Oops! But it was fun, and Sophie, one of our teammates, came super close to hitting 50 mph bombing down those hills. Worth it? Maybe for the story.

As we are in the last week of our trip, our team has been doing a teammate appreciation day. Soph’s was on Monday, Emily on Tuesday, and me today! We all thought that it was fitting that we had the most amount of climbing on my appreciation day. I know I have said this over and over again, but the climb is such a testament to how strong we are. After 45 days, I still believe that. I have watched myself get stronger, mentally and physically, these past 45 days. And I am still expectant of the next 5 days.

We finished our ride bombing down into Burnt Cabins. My max speed of the day was 45 mph (sorry dad).

Since it was my appreciation day, we headed out to a bar and I FINALLY got some good nachos, which I have been craving all trip, and have been thoroughly disappointed by most of the nachos I’ve had. Aaron and Emilio, two of the guys from the boys team, met us at the bar for a drink, and it was a fun night.

I’m thankful for the ways the boys and the girls have been trying to come together the past few days. 5 more days and I will be in NYC. Craziness.




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