Day 47: Birthdays and ‘Merica

York, PA to St. Peter’s, PA. 64 miles. 2,198 Feet of Climbing.


What a fun day! As I mentioned before, we are doing team appreciation week, and since today is Kim’s birthday, it was also her appreciation day!

Now first, let me tell you, Kim has a weird obsession with America. She loves everything patriotic. So, one of our sponsors, Funkier, gave us these American flag jerseys, but rather than wear them on 4th of July we rocked them today for Kim!! We were all laughing hysterically when I put on the jersey because I have gotten so tan that I almost looked like a tourist trying to wear USA apparel.

Kim is hilarious. She decked out her bike with a giant red, white and blue star, and while we were riding she grabbed a flag off of a front lawn and rode with it FOR 60 MILES!! We had so much fun waving to people and shouting “‘Merica” as we rode. We definitely got a lot more attention wearing red, white, and blue than any day wearing our normal jerseys.

Today was also beautiful for the scenery. We got caught in the middle of a lightning and thunder storm, and had to take shelter. But for the hour before and after the storm the sky was so beautiful and it felt like we were riding into a perpetual sunset. (See pictures below).

We made it to Philadelphia! Kim’s family is from Philly, so it was so fitting to make it here on her birthday! Some highlights from the night:

  • Meeting SO much of her family and having them throw a pool party and BBQ for us.
  • Getting to hold baby Avery, who immediately let me hold her. I miss having kids around!
  • Joking with Kim’s grandma and having her call me a “dirty girl” which is an ongoing joke among the team. We all call each other that when we get mud and dirt on us, so it was hilarious when she called me that.
  • Kim’s aunt letting me use her IPad to blog!!!

Finally having an early morning to sit down and talk with a family. It’s so beautiful when a family allows you to share a morning with them. Kim’s family has been so generous, and yesterday when we pulled up they were wearing their Ride for Water shirts! SO cool!




One thought on “Day 47: Birthdays and ‘Merica

  1. Jac Summers

    Jac, It was our pleasure meeting and spending time with you and the team. You are all amazing and so full of life!! You inspire all of us and we hope to see you again some time! Reenie(Golden) Shields & Gram Golden


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